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Frequently Asked Question

  • What is the recommended age to start wakeboarding?

    The recommended age is from 8 years but isn’t the age that matters. The most important is to feel safe in the water. It is different to swim in the open water then in a pool. There is no boat rescue in the cable park, you have to swim to the floating pavement and walk back to the starting point.
  • What’s the difference between the 2.0 and 5.0 beginner cable?

    2.0 is recommended for beginners who has been never practiced any watersports or children who would like to learn wakeboarding. The price for 2.0 contains personal education, as well as the speed of the cable, is customized for the learner.
  • What does „sports ticket” means?

    The wakeboard park operates as a beach as well.To enter the park it’s needed to buy a „sports ticket”
  • Can I pay by cash?

    Unfortunately, we can only accept credit card or you can pay with a festipay wristband that you get at the entrance.
  • Can I rent sports equipment at the cable park?

    Beginner equipment is included in the price such as beginner board, vest, helmet. You cannot use pro 6.0 and obstacles with beginner wakeboard. Besides that, you can rent intermediate and pro wakeboards which you can use for any cable field or obstacles.
  • Can I visit Lupa beach with my „sports ticket”?

    Sports tickets are not valid for Lupa Beach. However, Lupa beach entrance ticket is valid for our cable park.
  • Do we have special place for opiparous items?b>

    You can find cabinets in the changing room, the usage of it is included in the ticket's price.
  • What temperature is the water?

    Follows us on instagram for the daily updates. @lupawake
  • What temperature is the water?

    Follows us on instagram for the daily updates. @lupawake
  • What if the weather is wrong?

    In big storm with lightening we have to stop the cable. In case of bad weather contact us on the following channels: Facebook, Phone, Email ( [email protected])
  • Can I bring my pets? Dogs,cats,etc.?

    The regulations of the beach don’t allow dogs or other pets.